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Senior Club sessions at West Park Leisure Centre

All senior club sessions must be pre-booked online using the links below. If you're new to the club, please contact us before booking.

  • Monday evening 7.00pm to 8.00pm BTF Level 2 Planned Running session. Free!

  • Tuesday evening 7.15pm to 8.15pm BTF Level 2 Coached Swimming session. £6. 

  • Wednesday evening: Winter: 7pm Zwift Cycling, please enquire with the club for details. Spring/Summer: Non Coached Bike ride with 7 chosen routes to all members (cycle at your own risk). Meeting at WPLC for 7pm start.

  • Saturday afternoon 4pm to 5PM BTF Level 2 Coached Swimming session. £6.  Runs concurrently with the structured, uncoached swim. 

  • Saturday afternoon 4pm to 5pm Swimming. Uncoached free lane swim session £5.

junior Club sessions at West Park Leisure Centre

  • Saturday afternoon, 2pm to 4pm. First hour is running and cycling on the park (or in the sports hall if the weather is poor), the 2nd hour is spent swimming. For further info see the junior tri club page.

club coaches

Our club British Triathlon accredited coaches are:​

  • Louise Hughes, L2 BTF Triathlon Coach

  • Steve Dexter, L2 BTF Triathlon Coach

  • Esme Moss, L1 BTF Triathlon Coach

  • Corrina Loosemore, L1 BTF Triathlon Coach

  • Stuart Taylor, L1 BTF Triathlon Coach

  • Sue Smith, L1 BTF Triathlon Coach

  • Archie Cooper, L1 BTF Triathlon Coach

  • Mark Boardman, L1 BTF Triathlon Coach

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